Sunday, 27 June 2010

Weekly Goal Review

I copied Suzi last Sunday and set some weekly goals..

1. Do at least thirty minutes exercise each day.
Failed Miserably
2. Declutter for fifteen minutes each day.
Did a lot of decluttering, more than fifteen minutes a day, but still loads to do!
3. Get my hair cut, it's driving me mad.
Did it and coloured it and NOBODY noticed!!!
4.Drink more water, I always fall down with this one and really need to get to grips with it.
Failed Miserably. Start taking photo's again
Took one of Emily's birthday cake and then
left camera at my daughter's....
One Must Do Better
One Will do Better

I am sticking with the same goals this week, will try harder.
I am joining Deb's FREEDOM Challenge from July 5th
 I am still working on my goals but they will be based on gaining freedom from material stuff and increasing my spiritual awarness.  Must get away from this dark cloud that is hanging over me.

Thank you for your lovely comments, you really are amazing people.


dawne said...

Love your freedom goals! I'm going to do the challenge too. I've just got to get thinking about my freedom goals.

cmoursler said...

WAke up tomorrow and decide to let it go.
You are alive and kicking, beautiful and have a loving family. celebrate.
Have a great night.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Great goals... don't fret over not completing them all- there's always next week! ♥

spunkysuzi said...

We both will do better this week "hugs"

Buttercup said...

We've got a lot of the same goals. I've gotten a partner for weight loss and we're going to Weight Watchers together, which really helps keep me going. Stopped by Deb's and I'm in for the challenge. On a different note, noticed a number of hotels on West 35th St, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Might work for you in November. How is your New England itinerary?

Marie said...

Know what Sheilagh, nobody can ask anything more from you than that you do your best. As long as you are trying, then nothing else matters. ((((hugs)))) I am failing at the weight loss at the moment and need to get a grip! I admittedly have not been trying my best at this. I need to do better. XXOO

accidental carer said...

I did notice your hair but we were too busy talking and I kept losing the chance. I had mine coloured differently too and only Sam and Angie have noticed since Wednesday.
You always look wonderful to me anyway even if your hair was blue xxxxxx

Anonymous said...