Sunday, 6 June 2010

FaBuLoUs SunDaY

Today we were treated to a delicous meal by my best friend Trish and her husband Phil, for my birthday:)
It is great when celebrations last a few months. The photo's of the food are on my other blog

Here are photo's of Very Dear Friends

Trish, Phil and Angela, Trish the bestest friend ever, Phil her husband, who suffered a brain injury in 2002 and Phil's stepmother Angela,  she is only a couple of years older than Phil.

I can see a sparkle in Phil's eye's I haven't seen for years.  That smile is a real smile and that has been missing for years.  a reduction in tranqulliser's over the past few months have brought a postive change in this handsome guy.  I cannot tell you how happy this made me today

My dearest friend in the whole world, Trish, my angel, we have been through so much together and seperately over the years. We have laughed and cried through so much happiness and heartache,  She is just THE BEST.

Best Friends and New Friends, Ralph and Phil are still getting to know each other.
New people tend to stress Phil out, but he has met Ralph a few times now and  they get on well.
They have some things in common, 
both were in the Royal Air Force,
both are married to wonderful women:)
This is a photo of Friends Forever.

I ate frugally yesterday, had a banana a a nectarine for breakfast this morning. To save calories for this meal.
It was so worth it. The owner's of the restaurant have lost 9 stone between them and maintained the loss for three years, eating this kind of food. Trish told me the story while we were waiting for our meal, she told me that Kate had a pair of trousers that showed how much she had lost. So when she was serving our meal, I mentioned this too her saying I believed she had an interesting pair of trousers. She laughed and said "Oh yes, I will go and find them to show you." About fifteen minutes later she brought the trousers to us. Oh boy, that girl has lost some weight!! They must have been size 24 (British) and she is now size 12(British) She looks so good, I asked how she did it and the usual answer came back, healthy eating and exercise, in her case running and swimming. Why do I keep asking the secret? It isn't a secret, it is a well known fact!! Exercise burns calories, exercise boosts the metabolism, exercise is the answer!! Get on with it woman!!!!!!

Rhiwafallen Restaurant with Rooms


anne h said...

Can't much improve on Friends Forever.
You are one lucky lady!

Buttercup said...

So glad you had such a good time. Love the picture of friends forever and a smiling Phil.I've been reading and enjoying Brenda's blog and it's great to see the pictures.

Buttercup said...

Oops! My mind was in two places --the blog for Trish. Not even sure who Brenda is. So sorry!

✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

A day with good friends is a blessing!

Sheilagh, I keep asking too! :D

midlife_swimmer said...

yay! for swimming :)

Anonymous said...

Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油!..................................................

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday, and equally lovely friends to share it with! ♥

M Pax said...

How wonderful to have such a dear friend. That is a blessed thing. :)

Marie said...

Fabulous picture Sheilagh! What a happy bunch you look. So glad you had a great day! I popped over to look at your meal and that looks delicious!

Tammy said...

So glad you got to spend time with good friends, and I'm glad you joined Kandice's Challenge!!! :)

accidental carer said...

Thanks darlin it was a wonderful day and oh if we only lived closer.
Friends forever is so right; love trust and absolute acceptance; can't beat it!!
Love you loooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddsssssssssssssxxxxxxx

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Such lovely photos! Glad you had a great time with your bestest friends.

Bearfriend xx