Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Another Plan

Another Plan, getting back in the saddle, starting over, regrouping, planning for success. There are many other cliche's and I guess over the years I have used them ans some more.  This time I am not blowing a trumpet to herald a new game on. This time it is going to be quiet honesty, this time it is going to be hopeful. this time it is me being my own best friend.

I put on four pounds on holiday, they did not come off over the weekend as I had hoped.  In fact since Emily was ill at the beginning of March, I have put on seventeen pounds. Half of the total taken off up until then. It hit me this morning when I got weighed and looked back at my so call progress over the year. So it is serious now.  I have just under eighteen weeks to my New England holiday.  In that eighteen weeks I want to lose thirty pounds. The calorie books are back out, as are my food scales and my measuring cups and spoons. The tape measure has been wielded and the numbers have been crunched.

Today I weigh 220 pounds. my aim is to get to 190 for October. So along with healthy eating there will be a huge increase in my exercise regime. Today I bought a bike, in fact I bought two, one for my man and one for me. The plan is to ride to and from work and build up to several miles a day. It's back to the gym and get the Wii Fit going again. I know that is where the problem lies, we haven't done half as much exercise since Emily's illness.

I said in yesterday's post I would answer any questions about me and my life on my Truthful Tuesday.
My truth today is I am ashamed of having let the weight slid on so easily, but I am ready to do something about it.

Any questions?


F. McButter Pants said...

I have a question.....why are you so darn cute? Think about it, you don't have to answer right away.

I am struggling a bit now too. Let's both regroup. We can do hard things!!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Don't worry about it... I wanted to lose some weight for my trip to the Cape next week, and it never happened. But you seem much more motivated than I am, so I think you'll definitely lose the weight ♥

spunkysuzi said...

It's is so easy for it to slide back on!! Good for you on making a plan and i know you'll be where you want to be by your holiday :)

cmoursler said...

well, here's to healthy eating. and 190.
You can do it.

Marie said...

I think for every 5 pounds I have lost in my lifetime, I have gained back 6 Sheilagh! Terrible but true. I did some hypnotheraphy last year and thus far this seems to have worked, although I have stalled for a couple of months now. I have lots a total of 2 1/2 stone and am hoping that the scales will soon continue to slide down again!! Good luck! You certainly have a great and positive attitude which is half the battle!! xxoo

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Good luck with the new regime Sheilagh ;)
Anne xx

accidental carer said...

A question for you darlin for Truthful Tuesday- Where do you think your bezzy mate would be without you?? love you xxx