Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tuesday Again?

How does Tuesday come around so fast? Time is flying faster and faster. I cannot believe it is June on Monday!!

Well I lost the other half pound to go with the one from last week :0)

I must admit I relaxed over the Bank Holiday weekend, visiting my daughter down in Hampshire. I don't see her often enough so we just had a good time and ate what we wanted. It was quite healthy most of the time, but the chicken, Stilton and bacon salad on Saturday afternoon was amazing but calorie laden.

I have upped the exercise since Saturday, we went walking on Saturday evening, I have been on the Wii twice since getting home on Sunday. My darling ordered me a present a week ago. I arrived home this evening and it was left outside the door. It is a Nordic Walker exercise machine, so it is stood here beside me, waiting for my darling to come home and put it together.l'll be trying it out around 10pm...lol

I have been thinking about my eating habits and have decided to follow a low GI plan. It is the most sensible route for me with having diabetes. So my books are out on the worktop and the fridge yet again is full of healthy food. So here I go again.

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Fat[free]Me said...

That is fantastic news! A whole 5lbs off will be a lot easier on your body. Ooooh about the Nordic Walker (no idea what one of those is, so will have to look that up,lol!), bet that will help, especially having it at home - so useful!

I have the Anthony Worral Thompson book which has some supre recipes that are low GI, so think you might like the low GI Plan!

Glad you had a good day yesterday - great being back at work, eh?

Well done on continuing to lose despite being on holiday!