Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Right This Is the Day I Really Get to Grips

What date is it?
Yes May 20th.
So how many months to my birthday?


What have I done to get in the SassySlimSexy Mode?

Lost four and a half lousy pounds that what!!

I am an utter disgrace and it has got to stop. NOW.

Okay it has been an emotional few weeks but that is no excuse, I am not a child I am a grown woman and I have got to face reality. If I don't start doing something NOW

I may not even reach my sixtieth. I am fat, disgracefully unfit, I look old and feel old. I do not deserve this I deserve better. My body deserves better. It needs to be honoured and respected by it's owner. I wouldn't neglect my car the way I neglect my body. So I must begin to look after and maintain this poor, sad neglected shell that my soul inhabits.

For my soul to flourish it must have a suitable vessel in which to rest.
So the work starts TODAY

I love me, I love my life, I just need to take more care of what carries me....

1 comment:

Fat[free]Me said...

At least you have made some progress and that is better than staying still or going backwards.

Well done on starting again with renewed vigour - you can do it and NOW is a good a time as any! x