Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunny Sunday

It is a beautiful day and I feel beautiful....
My darling really knows how to take care of me and he has been fabulous this weekend.

We had a lovely day yesterday apart from the wrong Blues winning, but they were the best team on the day. Our day will come...

We went to doggy class in the morning and my little Titch was a star, she is doing so well now I think I might try taking her out on my own this week. After doggy class we brought three more boxes back from self storage, it is only a quarter full now!!!

We then went to the Volfest which was very enjoyable. There was a school drum/samba band playing and they were amazing. If they had a CD I would have bought it. The beat of the drums really gets to me emotionally and I don't know why, must be something primitive within me.

Then we watched the footy and my emotions were all over the place again...I think Everton or really on the brink of great things now. Then in the evening it was "Britain's Got Talent" emotional again. I am glad Diversity won they were Superb.

No exercise apart from walking yesterday as my back was still pretty fragile.

Today was weigh-in day one pound loss again, I know they say slow weight loss stays off but it's rather tedious. I am not going to make 60 by 60 if it carries on at this pace. Maybe there will be a better loss next week due to stepping up the exercise, I really hope so.

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Fat[free]Me said...

I am loving this glorious sunshine - sitting in the garden is bliss!

Well done on another loss! It may be slow, but at least it is in the right direction.

When you can exercise more, it will come off a lot faster.

I teared up at BGT too - kinda wanted Susan Boyle to win, but Diversity were brilliant and I am glad they won!