Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday Evening

What a gorgeous day it has been. So why is it the wonderful weather brings out a mad, manic members of human race? It has been horrendous at work and I was so glad to finish at 4:30.

I have not done any exercise today, my back was very fragile this morning. Though I have noticed I feel taller?? It's a weird feeling. Don't know if it is the stretching that is helping, but for safety sake I am having an exercise free day.

We were treated to a Magnum Ice cream by one of the girls today, it was absolutely Divine and that was my only "sin" of the week. I have been an angel this week. Lot's of healthy food , strawberries and raspberries are out of this world. We are having a chicken salad for tea and I am really looking forward to it. I adore salads when the weather is like this.

We have a busy day tomorrow, dog class at nine. Football at three...Come On You Blues!!!!
In between a visit to the Volfest at Norton Priory. So I am hoping not to slip up.

Here's to a FabUlous Weekend.....

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