Sunday, 10 May 2009

A New Week Begins

I have had a lovely weekend, busy, social and productive.
Food matters were so-so but I have lost 2lbs so back on track.
The fridge is bursting with healthy Delicious stuff.
The exercise starts in earnest tomorrow with the countdown to the
Twightlight Walk on July 4th. Mind you I did some gardening today, yes me digging and planting is a sight to behold. Also shifting more stuff from self storage yesterday and sorting that today. So that was exercise wasn't it?

There is a Pilates dvd and the exercise bands propped up by the tv, that starts tomorrow. The Wii fit board has been neglected of late so that's being dusted down too. Then with the 8 week training plan for the walk I should be gasping for breath by Friday....

But as my gorgeous Scottish friend has shown over the past two months exercise is part and parcel of the equation to a healthy lifestyle. So encouraged and inspired by her results I am feeling pretty positive. As long as my back behaves it's self, I am sure that will benefit over the weeks and months.

I also need some before photo's on here so I can track my progress visually. I will get my dear husband to take some tomorrow. I will not be happy with them, but it is a great motivation to see the difference as positive progress is made.

So onwards and downwards.....

1 comment:

Fat[free]Me said...

2lbs down! Well done you! Sounds like your butt is going to get some serious kicking, eh?

I must admit to being very careful of my back as I have had nasty bouts of back pain myself over the years. Take it steady and keep your posture correct.

Keep up the good work - above all, have fun!