Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Mixed Emotions

Well I had a wonderful weekend up in Scotland, we ate healthily mainly. DH's mum is a very good Scottish cook. We enjoyed delicious meals, didn't eat out at all. I didn't do as much walking as planned as my back started playing up and guess what, I gained a pound:(

I am not too put out by it but want to see a loss of three pounds this week to get me back on track. I have gone back to good old fashioned calorie counting.

Over the past couple of days I have had nudges from the past, firstly I found my
weight loss record card from when I lost 6 stone. Then while sorting through books we have had in storage, I came across the cookery book from the class that helped. So I feel that I am being guided back to what worked for me.

After trying Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, Weight Watchers without any success, it seems that going back to Slimmers Uk would be the answer, but they no longer exist...
So I will do it myself, starting with a calorie allowance of 1500 per day. I know this works so I am doing it.

I have a dear friend, a beautiful man whom I have loved and admired since I met him 21 years ago. Last night I went to visit him at our local hospice, he is on his final journey on earth and he is totally amazing. He has been fighting cancer for 23 years and he is on a losing streak now. He is not compaining, not bitter, he is just so wonderful. He is 50 next week and is hoping to have a party at a friends house. He is not wanting any presents, he says he has no need of material stuff now. He just wants time, time with friends and family, to laugh to cry, to eat to drink, to do the simplest of things.

I hope he has that time, I will be there..

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Fat[free]Me said...

I bet you can knock that pound off this week - how lucky to find that book.

Hugs about your dear friend - you seem to have had a hard time with losing people recently.

I am doing the Race for Life for everyone who has cancer, so I will bear him in mind as I get fit for it.