Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Weigh-In-Wednesday Day 16/90

Well after giving myself a good talking to yesterday
I have had a much better day today.
I am still not sleeping but looking at changing some habits to see i
f I can improve matters. I have had lots of advice to try to enhance
my sleeping pattern. I am going to start trying
a different bedtime routine tonight.
Unfortunately I cannot have the relaxing warm bath
recommended by a couple of friends in work. We don't have a bath.
I will try a warm shower instead, I usually have a hot shower
of a morning so a warm one is going to be different.
I have also bought some lavender and camomile oils as recommended
by BearFriend from 
I will be using them tonight also. I so need them to work....

I had a good day in work, we were very busy
but folk had happier heads on today.
I had a lot of happy banter with patients both
face to face and on the telephone.
Even the doctors were a a little more relaxed a
fter the review meeting with the local PCT went well.

I can't let today go without mentioning my Fabulous Friend Kari f
rom  At todays weigh in she reached her goal weight
and has lost a fantastic 87.5pounds. This woman has been so committed to this weight loss
she has been AWESOME. I have never seen such dedicationstength and guts.
 I am so proud of her and delighted to claim her as a very dear friend.

My weigh in this morning brought me a two pound loss,
I am so delighted with this after the yucky week I have had.
My mood as been up and down but my food has been FAB.

So I am half way to my 60 x 60. I could say the pressure is on but I am not I am not letting it get to me.  I have just over three months to go, if I lose the next 30 as slowly as the first 30 I will not get there. I am looking at what changes I can make food wise. Any tips or advice most welcome. I know I must step up the exercise good style and I am in talks with my beloved on this subject.

Todays Ninety Minutes

A warm shower, body lotion, mug of hot chocolate (Light) a dab or two of Lavender and the same of Camomile, Meave Binchy and my bed....Ninty minutes to slumber........zzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mood = Hopeful
Food = Wholesome


dawne said...

I hope you got some sleep! Sometimes I put a drop of Lavender oil on my pillow case, just to help relax me.

Jim Purdy said...

You said:
"Any tips or advice most welcome."

I have learned the hard way to avoid giving unwanted advice, especially since I believe that we are all very different, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet that works for everybody.

However, what works best for me is an extremely low-carb diet, eliminating not only sweets like sugar, candy, cookies, and cakes, but also severely limiting breads, cereals, grains, fruits, pasta, pizza, potatoes, and rice.

What does that leave in my diet? A few high-fiber non-sweet fruit like tomatoes and red bell peppers, and lots of high-fat stuff, including heart-healthy fats from avocados, butter, cream cheese, and whole eggs. In other words, I'm an avid low-carb, high-fat dieter.

Best wishes to you, and congratulations on your progress so far.

F. McButter Pants said...

Too bad about the sleep thing. It has happened to me before. I have no trouble going to sleep, it's staying asleep that is my rpoblem.

Thanks so much for your lovely commnet.

Love and hugs right back at ya!

Fat[free]Me said...

2lbs - woo-hoo and that is with your Christmas dinner out as well! Stunning work, girl. I think you have "got it" and will find the next 30lbs a lot easier than you think.

Thanks for the congrats, too - and for your support.

Hugs xx

Tricia said...

Congrats on your loss!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Congrats on your 2lb loss!

Hope the oils send you off to slumberland!

Bearfriend xx