Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Weekend Day 18/90

My man is home, the house is lovely and warm and cosy. Even though it is freezing cold outside.
The Christmas tree is twinkling at me, as much to say
" Bring it On, Christmas feels So Good".
We are finishing our Christmas shopping tomorrow.
 I hope to get it all wrapped and boxed off tomorrow evening.

On Sunday, weather permitting we are going to Wales to meet up with my Bezzy Mate in Llandundo.
Ralph will go walking and leave Trish and I to talk and talk and shop and talk and talk.....Bliss
She was supposed to be coming here for the weekend but her husband is having an MRI scan tomorrow at 1pm.  Can I ask those of you who believe to say a little prayer they get some good news. Trish is being worn down right now caring for Phil, holding down her job and coping with life in general. I am worried about her.

Healthy eating is good for the most part, the bitter cold makes one feel Very hungry, so far I am coping.
I was awake most of the night again ....

Today's Ninety Minutes

20 Minutes talking on phone to my lovely mother in law,  I love that she rings to speak to me when my darling is at work.
20 minutes reading a magazine.
30 minutes wrapping presents for my darling before he got home.
20 minutes relaxing before bed, in the hope I get some decent sleep tonight.

Mood = Relaxed
Food =  Relaxed

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Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Hope you have a lovely visit to your friend - and I hope the MRI brought no bad news for her husband.

Bearfriend xx