Monday, 28 December 2009

Well That Was Christmas That Was!! Day 29/90

All those weeks of  shopping, decoration, baking and preparations....then it is all over.

Christmas with all it's promises can be such an anti-climax most of the time.
I always  coach myself not to be expecting too much, from childhood to the present day.
I may post about "Christmas Past" sometime, but tonight I want to focus on "Christmas Present".

I have had a Wonderful Christmas. I woke on Christmas morning beside the most wonderful man I know.
We spent Christmas morning together, having breakfast and exchanging gifts.  I was spoilt..LOL

We then went to my baby daughter Helen's and spent a delightful afternoon with her and her lovely family.  My  son in law Mike cooked a Fabulous meal.  My  gorgeous granddaughter's Jess and Emily entertained us we had tons of laughter. After spending a wonderful afternoon with them, we then went to see my middle daughter Clair. This is the daughter who has not been friends with me for fifteen months and each day of those fifteen months my heart has been broken.

Christmas night mended my broken heart and her's.  We are totally reconciled and this was my best Christmas gift.  We spent three hours with Clair and her husband Tim and it was very emotional, very healing and very, very special.

Boxing Day we travelled to Hampshire to stay with my eldest daughter Jen and her family and again, it was Wonderful. Two and a half days with them went very quickly.  We had fun and laughter, no television!!
My husband took the boys to the cinema yesterday and Zara and I had a crafting afternoon.  While mum and dad had some chill time.

We arrived home this afternoon after a rough journey home, my back was agonising again, these long drives don't help my back at all. I went to bed with painkillers, a hot drink and a magazine. I slept for four hours, hence I am now wide awake while my husband is sleeping...

I have not mentioned my food or exercise at all so far... I have enjoyed some delicous food over the holiday, I have not enjoyed any exercise, the icey conditions have stopped any planned walking.
I am pretty sure I have put weight on, but it will be off again next week.
I am back at the gym on Wednesday, healthy eating has started today.
I am scribbling plans and thoughts for the New Year, the beginning of my sixth decade.
I will post on New Years Eve about what I hope and pray will be my best decade yet.

Food  = Naughty But Nice
Mood = Happy Hopeful and Thankful


dawne said...

What a gift - the gift of a mended relationship. I am so happy for you Sheilagh. Really, who cares if you're up a bit when you have your girl back! I know you'll get back to tracking and exercising. I'm rooting for you!!!

Tina xx said...

So pleased for you Sheilagh that things have worked out for you and your daughter. Thats fantastic. You can now look forward to spending many more happy days together. Forget what the scales are telling you this week.... theres always next week :) x x x

Fat[free]Me said...

What a lovely time you have had - and I am so pleased about you and your daughter!

Yeah, it is over so quick, but we still have Hogmanay to look forward to - yay.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. How wonderful to have mended the relationship with your daughter. I'm so glad you had such a magical Christmas.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and ambitions for the next decade!

Bearfriend xx

Accidental carer said...

This has to be one of my best presents- knowing that you and Clair are ok. I had always hoped it would turn out ok. love you xxx