Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Weigh In Wednesday and Day 2/90

Weigh in Wednesday brings another two pounds loss!!
That is six pounds in three weeks, the most I have lost
in this my final battle with my weight.  I have to say I am

This is day 89 of my plan and can I just say very many
thanks for all the very kind and encouraging comments
after yesterdays post.

Part of my plan is to spend 90 minutes a day enhancing myself.
Now that may sound a fancy word, but I like it. By enhancing I
mean a bit of DIY on me.

This will be based around reading, listening to music, meditation,
exercise and a self caring regime (Commonly known as a beauty routine).

I used to read at least a book per week, but since my darling
came into my life I think I have read two books. 
I buy them with the intention of reading but never get round to it.
So that is going to change from today.

I have always loved having music in my life but these days
only seem to listen in the car or on Sunday morning listening to
"Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs"
So a concerted effort will be made to listen to more music.

Meditation, this is a huge need in my life right now,
stress levels are higher than they have been for a good while
(I am wondering if stress is part of why I am losing weight faster).
Meditation for me revolves around prayer, writing and quiet time.

Exercise, I am giving up beating myself up about this.
No I am not giving up exercise, I am adapting.
The gym membership is still going but I have not attended for
nearly two months. We have decided to keep it running,
we both want to get back there. My back is the big thing stopping me,
I know I could do the treadmill, but I can walk in the fresh air without
feeling pressured to use other equipment (climbing fences or tree's not included). 
I am using the Wii fitboard and the time spent with that is being increased.
So I am kind of happy with that for the moment.

Finally the Self Caring Regime, I can't call it a beauty routine.
My mother had a thing about Vanity, saying it was a sin to be vain
and it was vain to follow a beauty routine. 
So her years of conditioning me with her thinking are
taking a long time to release myself from. Hence my skin is not very good,
it dry and slightly rough. My nails are not very nice, my hair is not bad.
So I want to start taking time to care for my skin,
it might be a bit late in life but better late than never.

So I have a lot to fit into my ninety minutes a day
but it will be different every day.
At least thirty minutes exercise,
with everything else flowing in as a relaxing manner
to make my life more enjoyable.



Fat[free]Me said...

Another 2lbs!! Woo-hoo! You are OWNING those scales, girl.

Love your 90mins for yourself every day thing - I think you are more than worth it!

Well done, She, I am bursting with pride here xxx

dawne said...

I'm hollering YIPEE all the way from Canada!

I'm so impressed. Music and reading...sounds nice. I get plenty of music in life with my career, but I don't take time just to listen for me. It's always teaching or performing...I'm going to listen tonight.

Hugs right back at cha! I wouldn't be reading if I was having as good sex as you tell you are!!!! HA!

266 said...

Great job on another two pounds down! I think your plan sounds great.

Pam said...

Congrats on the loss! I wanted to tell you I think your plan is wonderful wonderful wonderful! I think each of us on this journey needs to take time to pamper ourselves and work on soothing the inner us as well as the outer, and its just such a good thing you are doing!