Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Weigh In Wednesday Day 9/90

I feel I have been AWOL for ages, I didn't get the chance to post on Friday before we went to Scotland for the weekend. It was a very wet, soggy weekend.  I have never known such rain. The rain didn't stop us having a good time, it was a good family weekend. 

Finn is growing so quickly, he is a beautiful boy. We spent a lovely afternoon with him and his mummy and daddy on Saturday. Sunday was spent with Ralph's mum and sister and it was wonderful.  His mum loves having both of her children together having a good "Blether" as she says. It never happened during his first marriage..

Sunday evening we were with Uncle Bobby and Auntie Isobel, I adore these two lovely people. Isobel was my little Guardian Angel when Ralph and I got together. She seemed to understand the difficult dynamics of the family after divorce and the aftermath. But that is a post for another time maybe.

Monday morning we whizzed round seeing other aunties uncles and cousins before making our way back home.  I am so humbled by the love and concern this family have for each other, I miss my mum's family for this, I only have one auntie living now. My mum was one of nine children and my dad was one of eleven.  So my childhood and teenage years were full of family get togethers and celebrations. Going to Scotland brings those memories flooding back and I love it.

We got back home on Monday late afternoon, travelling back in horrendous rain, a scarey ride.  We were both physically and mentally wrecked. A very early night was needed...

Yesterday was my darlings birthday and we spent the day together in Liverpool.  It didn't work out as planned.  The weather again being the culprit, rain rain rain rain..... We had a lovely time together despite the weather. On the way home we stopped off at my favourite book store only to be shocked and upset.  BORDERS has gone into administration, the stores are closing and 1400 jobs are being lost across Britain. This time last year it was Woolworths!! 

My Ninety Day Plan ins back on track, I have been reading, listening to music,
Ralph bought me Susan Boyle's CD on Monday, that woman has the voice of an angel.
We did a little walking but not as much as we usually do, again due to the weather.
So reading is on track...
Music is on track...
Relaxing is on track...
Food is Great.
Mood is Fair.

Weight loss today .6lb. Slightly disappointing  but it is still a loss. Still hoping for Onderland for Christmas.


Fat[free]Me said...

I was a bit sad about Borders, it is the best bookshop and it will be sad to see it go :(

Glad you are catching up and a loss is a loss when it comes to weight - so well done you!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Glad you had a lovely time away - despite the weather. The last few weeks have just been almost constant rain and dampness. But luckily your spirit isn't dampened! In fact you sound pretty positive. Hope it continues!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx