Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ninety Day Plan

Today I begin a Ninety Day Plan, this will take me to March 1st 2010.
By that time I hope to have regenerated myself into someone
who will enter hersixth decade with a Joyful  Outlook.

Today I begin a to nurture and pamper my mind, body and soul.
Today I promise myself that no longer will I do things that harm my soul.
Today I promise myself honesty to the bone, no dressing up bad stuff with excuses.
Today I promise myself to build up my confidence and self esteem.
So Nobody and I mean NOBODY can knock me down ever again.

I am doing this for Me, not my husband, not my family, not my friends, not my blogmates.
This is Me and my finally give respect to this God given body
that has been neglected for too many years.
This is Me and my giving respect to my God given mind and intellect
that has been neglected so badly for far too long.
This is Me give love and respect to my God given soul. 
The very essence of me which has been tortured and
torn apart in my effort to fit in and please others.

This is a holistic plan, not just focusing on weight loss.
I hope to focus on the Good in life where ever it comes from.
The food and drink I take, the music and words I absorbe,
the exercise and relaxation I enjoy, will be wholesome, uplifting and enjoyable. 

I refuse to do anything that is no longer good for me, that is my plan. 
I so want to succeed with this, I owe it to myself.


Fat[free]Me said...


Quality in = Quality out

90 days - eek!

266 said...

Good for you, Sheilagh! I believe!!!

*fitcetera* said...

What a wonderful commitment you're making to yourself, Sheilagh!!!
This is a great post and a good reminder for us all to be our best selves because it just feels so damn better than being at our worst.
I will borrow some of your goals for myself ... the doing things in order to fit in. I have to examine what I'm trying to fit in to ... often I find that it's ugliness at the core and I'm done with that.

I'm cheering for you, Sheilagh! Can you hear me??? :D

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Wow! What a positive post and a great plan. I always find that a specific commitment is essential in working towards greater wellbeing. To live in constant mindfulness about what our real needs are and how we can nuture ourselves should be everybody's goal.

I wish you the very best of luck in achieving your "Joyful outlook".

Bearfriend xx

Accidental carer said...

Let me help you with my love xxx

Accidental carer said...

P S loved your blog post and love your new page set up too xx

Tricia said...

Lovely job, planning on taking care of yourself.

Paula Rodriguez said...

It helps to post all the ways you can love and nurture yourself. We all need goals. I think I'm going to borrow a few of yours as well.

Take care

dawne said...

You go girl!!! I'll be praying about your journey to a closer walk with God! I know He will meet you where you're at right now, today.