Thursday, 4 November 2010

Where Did Those Three Day's Go????

They say time flies when you are having fun.

Well we have been having FUN!!!!!

New York is AmazinglyFantasticallyAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

We have loved every second spent is this FABULOUS city.

We have got to come back.

Trish I am telling you now, Turkey has had it, it is New York for us next year.

I am so in love with New York.

Last night we met the lovely Buttercup.  What a great evening we had, again as with Kathleen, it was so easy, comfortable and a delight to meet a very special lady.  She has a great attitude to life and I learnt a thing or two from her last night. If you have not met this lovely lady you need to pop across to her blog and say hello.

We are having trouble downloading photo's, tonight ( I think my little notebook is overloaded with three weeks worth of photo's)  but I will bore you silly when we get them sorted.  And the photo of Carol and I will be one of the first.

We are flying home tomorrow 6:30 pm, I am sorry our holiday is coming to an end.  It has been everything I had hoped for and more, we have met some truly delightful people, seen some amazing sights and enjoyed the United States of America.  but I have to be honest and say, I am ready to go home, I miss my family, my bezzy and my doggy.

Thanks for the pleasure America, we will be back.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Glad you enjoyed New York! Come again! :)

accidental carer said...

Hey I am not complaining darling - it has been top of my list for a while! I am so glad you have had a wonderful time and can't wait for our long weekend so you can tell me all about it. Loving you and missing you both too xx

Marie said...

What a lovely holiday you have had Sheilagh! Boy that time went fast! Safe journies and happy landings! xxoo

Tammy said...

Have a safe trip home sis, and come back and visit anytime! I'm hoping one of these days I can meet up with you! :)

Kathleen said...

So glad you had a wonderful time. I too, love New York. I am anxious to see more photos and hear more about NY. Have a great trip home to the UK, I am so sure you have been terribly missed. I am so happy to have had the chance to meet you and spend some time with you. Love and hugs

Buttercup said...

Glad you and Ralph are home safe and sound, but we miss you in America! Your visit to New York was too short. Hugs and love!
P.S. Memphis is great and I loved Graceland. Will be home tomorrow.