Monday, 8 November 2010

Random Pictures

Just been going through some of the photo's from our holiday, I picked out a few to share.
Not been able to focus my thoughts since getting back, so photo's may begin to tell the story of our FABULOUS Trip.



Anonymous said...

The two of you look so happy--and so good together. :D Makes me smile. Deb

Marie said...

Love the pictures Sheilagh! What a sweet pair you look and also like you are really enjoying your trip!! Good to have you back safe and sound! xxoo

Kathleen said...

You can tell the two of you are having one heck of a good time! Your NY pics are fabulous!

Love & hugs, Kathleen

Anne H said...

I couldn't be happier for you and yours!
I am soooo glad you got to make the trip!
Love the pics....keep em coming!

Tammy said...

What awesome pics! Hope things settle down for you soon and get back to normal. I know you got some bad news as soon as you got back. I got some bad news Great Aunt died so I've got a funeral to go to this week. :(

accidental carer said...

Safe journey for Ralph tomorrow love you xx