Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas is Coming....

I haven't let my self think about Christmas until now. I wouldn't discuss it before our holiday, when we came back I was just revelling the fabulous memories. Now we have been to the Thankgiving meal it is time to put the memories on hold for now and start thinking about Christmas.

So we start with list's, list's for this, list's for that. Christmas present's, cards, food and plans.

What are your plan's?
What traditions to you have?
Do you think Christmas is too commercialised and materialistic now?
What do you do you retain the meaning of Christmas?


accidental carer said...

Well I was looking forward to Christmas and just being looked after by my kids for a change; Julie's for Christmas Day and Gary's on Boxing Day. Then............someone invited herself over to spend Christmas with us and I know that the dynamics will change completely.
I don't like the fact that I am praying for heavy snow to prevent her journey. She doesn't even "do" Christmas as she does not believe in it? How hard is that going to be..............

Anne H said...

I wanted to move to a country
where they have Boxing Day,
just so I could have a day off!
Cuz I usually work every Holiday!
I'm not complaining -
it's hard to find a nurse on those days.
And since I have no family (or real life).....
I'm actually looking forward to this one, though!