Monday, 22 November 2010

Crafting Friends.

Sunday afternoon, all crafted out, the friends we shared the weekend with.
Left to  right: me, Trish, Estella, Cheryl and Sue.
We all shared a table as we did last year and it was great.
We plan to meet up again at Port  Sunlight in April 2011.
I will take photo's of the project's we did and post them soon.

Getting over the weekend and back into "normal" mode is taking time.
I have a lot's of thoughts racing around my brain at the moment, plan's and dreams.
I cannot share them right now but once they have been made real,
you will hear me shouting from the mountain top.

I am still sorting my holiday photo's but will share some with you each day this week.
Can't believe we have been home two weeks...Who is robbing time?


dawne said...

So glad you are in a happy place Sheilagh.

Buttercup said...

What a wonderful weekend. Wish I could have been with all of you. So look forward to hearing the plans that you have in mind. Hope they include a visit back to the US. Take good care and good wishes and hugs to you and Ralph.

Marie said...

I wish I knew who was robbing time Sheilagh coz I'd like to get some of it back. The days just seem to whizz by! xxoo

Anne H said...

Crafty YOU!
Good on ya!

accidental carer said...

Oh boy there are those boobs again- must do something about them or maybe wear black like everyone else. Fun time darlin - missing you already- love ya xx