Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Sublime to the Ridiculous


The original case, the new case, then both together!!
Erm, travelling light ain't easy!!


anne h said...

You need a concierge!
Counting the days, eh?

dawne said...

Well, you two won't need many clothes!!!! ;) ha ha ha ha

accidental carer said...

so where you gonna put all your scrapstash on the way back?? xx

Marie said...

Jusst don't make the mistake I did. I got it right on the way over to Canada, 20k's of luggage, but somehow on the way back to the UK, I thought we were allowed 25k's. I went out and bought extra stuff and made up the weight of each of our bags to 25k's and imagine my surprise when my stupidity cost us an extra $200 at the check in!! Won't make that mistake again!! I bet you can't wait for your holiday to begin! I just know it is going to be fab! xxoo