Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Suicide is Painless? Is It?

Why would someone who seems to have it all consider suicide?
How can someone be seen to be living a normal life be thinking of suicide?
What stupid chemical reaction in the brain can make suicide an attractive option?
Is it a chemical reaction or is it a demon that taunts and pushes in the darkness of solitude?


cmoursler said...

That last bit. Suicide is not painless. the people left behind will never fact, when someone commits suicide it increases the chances that family members,especially children, will do the same. I don't know about anybody else..but If I did it and then saw in the space of time that I had in someway told, through my own actions, that it was alright. And my children did it...I think If people could see the outcome of their actions they never would.
parents teach by example. That is the most important thing to remember.
So, if those thoughts were there I would tell any person contemplating such an action to seek help from a professional immediately.

dawne said...

??? Is this you considering? Please get to a health professional now! If not you, escort the person struggling to health care. Please! ???

anne h said...

You know, Both of these ladies are right.
It's not painless, and it's not hopeless!
It might be a metaphor for change....
But it's not the answer we think it will be.
*hugs to you*

Beth said...

Are you referring to the song that has that line? Of course the actual method of suicide can be painless, but not the events leading to it, nor the aftermath. Over the years, when I have heard anyone say that suicide is a selfish act, I respond that the pain has to be unimaginably horrible in order for someone to be willing to do that...selfishness does not even enter the equation.

Well, I guess that doesn't address your question, but I so often hear the word selfishness used in response to a suicide, so that's my first thought when the subject is raised...

spunkysuzi said...

I would definitely try to get them to seek help! These days there are a lot of different avenues to help people cope.

Anonymous said...

Suicidal ideation is not that rare. In fact, the majority of people have, at least, had the fleeting thought that "maybe they'd be better off dead."

What one needs to remember is that suicide is a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem. And as Chris said, it has ripples that affect those left behind.

Before Jesus saved me, I was working on suicide. I had the plan, the timing, the means--I was just working on my suicide note. At that time, I didn't know about the harm to children. Anyway, it was then that Jesus met me. Beople often referred to when they were born again or found salvation as being "saved".

I do, too, of course. But I can honestly say that Jesus saved my life. I turned Him, not to make into heaven--but to make it into tomorrow.

He has kept me alive ever since. It's been 35 years.


Rettakat said...

I look at suicide from two perspectives: as one who tried it, and as one whose sister tried it over and over and over, 12 heartbreaking times.

Both ways, it was incredibly painful. To everyone.

Yes, it's been called the most selfish thing you could do to others. But when I was in my early twenties, and down in that black hole, the last thing that entered my mind was "others". I didn't even know I was being selfish. I was just self-focused. I didn't even give it a thought about how devastated my parents and family would have been.

I obviously failed at that attempt. And realized, when I woke up sick but alive after swallowing a whole bottle of pills that would have killed a horse, that I didn't really want my life to end... I just wanted the emotional pain to end.

Years later... my sister experienced some hard life events and responded by repeated suicide attempts. It was heart-breaking for all of the family, and has deeply affected her children.

She, like me, has since gone on to meet Jesus, and have our lives re-built by love and mercy and grace. We have since learned what Deb said... suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

In those dark times, it doesn't "feel" temporary, I know. But it is.

I don't know who you are referring to, Sheilagh, but I have lifted them up to our loving God... He knows... He knows all about it.


accidental carer said...

I spend my life trying to mend the survivors of bereavement by suicide and the thing they always ask is why?? What did I miss?
Why consider it when you seem to have everything going for you? Well just so that things don't turn bad again; so that you never have to go back to a scary place.
Suicide is never painless- it is devastating; but that does not stop it happening. A good friend has just lost his 24yr old son this week who seemed to have it all; a star footballer; and now he and his wife and 3 siblings will for the rest of their lives say "what did we miss?"

Go onto the website S O B S and look at the stories.

Many people consider this step but help is there if you just tell someone how you feel. Shout it out loud to those you love and yes it is a permanent answer to a temporary problem but it can be fixed.........

Sean Anderson said...

I wish you would respond to my e-mail or to this comment thread...something.

thinking of you...