Monday, 5 July 2010

The Freedom Challenge

Well here we go....

I am joining in Deb's Freedom Challenge.
It begin's today and ends in four weeks time on August 2th.

I have four goals goals for this four weeks:
1. Ride my brand new bike that I have had
over a month on only ridden 20 yards so far.
I want to ride at least three miles every other day.
So I should have ridden 42 miles
by the end of the challenge.
(Maybe more)
Read at least one book each week of the challenge.
Since my darling and I have been together
I have not read in bed.
I have always done my reading in bed, all of my life.
I miss reading so I have got to learn to read out of bed ;)
 I am going to declutter the hallway.
Photo's will chart my progress.
Finally I will try to learn to meditate and pray as I did as a young woman.
When my faith was strong and true. I want that back.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sheilagh! Those are wonderful goals! I love them. And it sounds like we're both decluttering!

I'm soooo glad you're in on this!

Monday's post is already up, ready and waiting for your comment! Aren't I the early bird! hahaha.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Lovely goals... I know you can do it! ♥

anne h said...

Funny how our faith can slip away - just when we need it the most!
And the bike - awesome four weeks is the perfect time.
Not too long, not too short.

dawne said...

LOVE IT! And, love you!

It's been amazing how many overweight people need to declutter their homes. I never realized a connection between the two before. Very interesting.

dawne said...

Oh, an awesome book for meditation, prayer etc. is by a Catholic author - Brennan Manning. He's written a few, but I am finding great strength in "The Furious Longing of God". He also wrote "The Ragamuffin Gospel". This guy is on fire for God.

Rettakat said...

Yay on the decluttering. Dawne is right... so many I've talked to on this journey--ME included-- need work in the decluttering department.

Glad you are on this Challenge, too.