Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Turkish Delights Part Two

Good Morning from Dalyan, the weather is perfect, I am sat alone in the reception area of the hotel.  My man has gone for a Turkish Bath, I am not into pain so giving that a miss.

Yesterday we sent on an all day coach trip which was very enjoyable.  We visited a gold centre and I am so glad we left the plastic at home.  There was a ring there I would definately have had if I had had a little bit of plastic in my purse. Do I need  ring? No, do I want a ring? Well I did when it was on my finger, but I am not missing it now. So I am very please the plastic is in my knickers...

We then went to Fethiye and there was a large market, which was fabulous. Even in the torrential rain, it was so entertaining watching the stall holders shifting the rainwater from their tenting.  the laughter and shouting was brillant, it was an impromptu entertainment, I don't know who enjoyed it most, the Turkish stall holders or the tourist's.

My man haggeld over a pair of long shorts, it is all part of life over here.  I am not comfortable with it, but Ralph used to do it in Saudi so he knows the ropes so to speak.  Anyway the stall holder wouldn't come down to Ralph's price, so we walked away, or should I say Ralph did,  I was already 12ft away!!  We were about 50 yards down the row and we heard "sorry...sorry" we turned around and the stall holders wife was there, with the shorts, in a bag and saying "sorry, yes 20lire". I was gob smacked and Ralph was chuffed. So seemingly it does

We  then went for a buffet meal at a ghost town, the meal was delicious, but I found the ghost town very sad.
It was a Greek village, but was cleared in 1929, I think I have the date right but it might be 1923. When Atta Turk lead the fight for Turkish Independance.  The Greeks had to leave overnight and no one has lived there since. This is not the first village I have seen like this, there is one in Cyprus, where the reverse happened, the Turk's had to leave overnight and no one has lived there since either.

We visited a small hippy type market just outside the ghost town and I treated myself to a bracelet and necklace. So that's my soveneirs of the holiday sorted.  After that we were taken to Oledeniz another resort down the coast, they have the Blue Lagoon beach which is one of the best beaches in Turkey.  My man went for a swim, I didn't.  I am a Piscean,  love to be by water, walk by water, but get in the water, no way...

On the way back we visited a Turkish Delight factory, it was heavenly, the smells were mmmmmmmm.....  We were shown how it is made, very interesting, but I must stay away from it.  Pure Sugar!! They also sell spice's and part of the entertainment was the owner mixing spice mixes, one for marinading meats and on for spaggetti based meals.  They again were aromatic heaven,  we bought some of the spagetti mix to take home.  Can't wait to use it.  We didn't buy any Turkish Delight, oh it was sooo hard leaving it..


xTinax said...

Hi Sheilagh
Love your posts on Turkey - my favourite holiday destination having been 10 times and off to Ovacik on 2 August (11 weeks and counting)....
Have a great holiday and keep us posted - wish I was there now instead of miserable Manchester!

anne h said...

No Turkish Delight, eh?
Ah, it's just as well.
It's just a sweetie in the game of life.
Like haggling in reverse.
But for a much better cause.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Glad you're having fun! Deb

spunkysuzi said...

Oh your bringing back fond memories of turkish delight :) I think i would have been in tears if i didn't at least have a taste!! Good job i'm not there.

cmoursler said...

How fun. That Ghost town sounds cool. I would have jumped in just to say I jumped in...but that's me...always jumping in, lol.
love the haggling.
too fun. What memories you are making.
I probably would have eaten the turkish delight too..just cause I have never had any and if there is one thing I like to do, it's try new things...
except skydivng. lol.
Have fun.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip; enjoy it! :)