Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday Thoughts

My man has started snoring again, so I have been awake most of the night, up since 3am. He will scold me when he gets up, for being up, but what else can I do? Nudging him all night long doesn't work, I don't do ear plugs or ear phones. So the answer is get up have a cuppa and read and doze on the sofa.

His alarm has just gone off, so wait for

"Darling what are you doing up?"
"You are snoring again sweetheart"
" Oh am I? Sorry, but you need to be in bed"
" Yes I do, but your snoring drives me out of bed"
"Sorry,wonder why it has started again?"
"Me too!"

I watched the unfolding of the new coalition government yesterday, and as David Cameron and Nick Clegg stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street it scared the living daylights out of me.  That is all I am saying on the matter.

It's Curry Night tonight with the girls from work, so a good time should be had, we enjoy these nights.
Then tomorrow my Beloved Snorer and I will begin to pack for our holiday on Sunday. Eleven days of sun, sea, sand, rest and relaxation.  I can't wait. We had considered cancelling the holiday due to mum in law being in hosptial.  But after discussions with Ralph's sister we are going after they decided it would upset mum and worry her if we did cancel. So we fly away at 7am on Sunday morning..YaaaaaY !!!


cmoursler said...

Anytime politicians get together for the 'good of the people' it scares the living daylights out of me too! lol.
my husband snores and the only thing that really works is earplugs.
Have a great night.

anne h said...

Snoring - that's rough.
Times like that, I'm glad I live alone!

Tricia said...

My hubby snores from time to time. I kick him in his sleep to get him to reposition and be quiet. :) hehehe dont tell him though

VRaz60 said...

Both HD and I snore, so it turns into a contest! :)

I'm interested in watching the "coalition", too.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Snoring has never bothered me. Because sounds which are "safe" don't stop me sleeping.

Is it occasional blockage of the nasal passages which causes it to only happen sometimes?

Hope you have an amzing holiday!

Bearfriend xx

accidental carer said...

Have a wonderful time darlin will miss you lots. When you get back we need to sort the colours depending on Mum's health. Need to declutter clothing but want to keep correct colours so need to have guidance. See you 6th June for our wonderful meal at Rhiwafallen. Warning- you will be hooked on it just as I am!!! Love you both tons xxxxxxxxxxxx

anne h said...

However, IF someone snored, I would probably love it, just to know they were breathing in and out!