Sunday, 9 May 2010

Solitary Sunday...

Happy Sunday and Happy Mothers Day to those over the pond..

The sun is shining on Runcorn this morning, the tree's are all dressed in ther new green finery.  The birds are singing and all is well with the world...Or is it?

I'm still home alone, my darling is in Edinburgh, he was quite upset yesterday after seeing his mum at afternoon visiting. He was shocked at the weight she has lost (She is usually around 7st soaking wet!)
She had a collapse yesterday morning and wasn't too good at all at visiting time. My heart went out to him when he called home. He went back in the evening and she was much better. He has had discussions with his sister and hosptial staff bout mum's rehabilitation. So that a postive sign, talking rehab means they believe she is getting better? We did have doubt's about going on holiday next Sunday but right now the holiday is still on.

I had a wonderful day with Trish yesterday, we went to a craft festival and both spent more than we should, but it was FUN!!  Some Fabulous new ideas and I am itching to get playing with my new toys.

So today is a tidy up and sort out day for me, I have bought and borrowed some books on decluttering and I am making a start today.  I think my man may be shocked when he gets home in the early hours of tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

It's a perfect time of year to declutter! And think of all of the room you'll make for your new projects. :D Deb

anne h said...

Happy Sunday and Decluttering Day to you and yours@

Anonymous said...


spunkysuzi said...

That's on my list of things to do as well :)
Happy Mothers Day!
Hope your mother-in-law feels better soon

✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

Happy Mum's Day, Sheilagh!
I hope your MIL mends well and is up and at the golfing soon. It must've made her feel a million times better that your son came up to be with her.

New toys ... always love that!
De-cluttering is something I sorely need to do as well.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Glad you had a great day out yesterday.

Good luck with your decluttering!

Bearfriend xx