Monday, 12 April 2010

Here Sheilagh Lays..

Oh boy what a busy day we have had, I am wiped out, this new craft room of mine is taking longer than we thought to get sorted. We had to go to IKEA for one more set of shelves. When we came out of there we popped into M&S and bought some delicious salads and low cal meals for me for the next few days. Then we came back home and got stuck in straight away, building the shelving.

Ralph has started to put the electric's in but hit a problem with the lights and we had to go an get a different kind, so that held things up. I have got some of my books and stamps in, oh and some of my tools.

Food wise we have been eating healthily mostly.  We had sandwiches at lunchtime, which I regret, but we needed something quick and easy as there was so much to be done. I think I have stayed just inside my calorie allowance, been pretty good the past couple of days.

We are having a day out tomorrow, a treat for Ralph to thank him for all his hard work this past couple of weeks.  It all depends on the weather as to where we go, I am looking forward to some relaxed time with him. He has been an absolute STAR.

Food - Good
Mood - Relaxed and happy.

Now I lay me down to sleep......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


spunkysuzi said...

You are going to have a great sleep tonight :)

Tammy said...

Rest well sleepyhead. :)

cmoursler said...

I want to sleep too...I am TIRED.
Can't wait to see the finished shack.

dawne said...

I love M & S for that reason - so many take out, healthy options. It's a bit different in North America. I really found it unique in the UK in that department and people are a lot smaller in the UK than in Canada or the USA...I mean the average person on the street. Have a good sleep and keep enjoying your healthy M & S foods!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Have a nice rest! ♥

Blue~ said...

Sheilagh - have you tried that Warburtons Danish Malted for sandwiches? Its a cross between cottonwool and bread (its actually quite nice, if light) - but you get a lot for you money (calories)..and two rounds of sandwiches is a whole new ball game when. you use it.

I am dead jealous of this 'craft room' - I want I want! I am a Patchwork Quilter and although although I have a small room in the house, I would loooooooooove a nice big summerhouse thing in the garden - you lucky thing!!

Sean Anderson said...

That craft room is going to rock! Congrats my friend!! Good quality time together, very nice!

My best always

M Pax said...

Waht a fun project. You'll have to show it off here when you're done.

Love that you're fueling your spirit.