Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Saturday

Well it is still Good Friday as I start to write this but it will be Easter Saturday by the time I have finished.
Today we decanted my craft shed into the Shoebox, so that the shed can be moved tomorrow to make room for my new shed which is being delivered on Tuesday (hopefully).

So my little house(Shoebox) has NO ROOM to move, I am not joking, we have been surrounded by crafting stuff all day.  We can't even get to the stove to cook.
So we have lived off sandwiches today:o( I have had five pieces of fruit as well, but it is not good eating.  I will do better tomorrow. 

We are going to book our holiday tomorrow, we have been looking online tonight and have a few idea's but will go and see the travel agent in the morning to see if we can get a better deal. At the moment it is
between Dalyan in Turkey and Rhodes one of the Greek Islands.  It's a big chanage from Italy or Canada!!  Italy is far too expensive at the moment and Canada, well Canada will have to wait until Gavin and Carol make their minds up what they are doing!!
We are going to New England and New York in October/November so I am wanting to save as much as we can for that holiday.  So we are looking for a more economical holiday for May.

So Easter Saturday is going to be a busy one. Booking a holiday, moving the shed and going to Ikea for more storage for my new shed....

I have been to bed once tonight, but my man has caught my cold and is therefore snoring for Scotland at the moment, hence I an here typing away. I have tried to leave a message on Tammy's blog "Fat To Flab" about the challenge she has put on for this month, but my messages just get bounced for some reason.  So if you read this Tammy Girl, count me in. I need something to aim for...

Happy Easter Saturday, hope you see lots of Easter Bunnies.


Tammy said...

So glad you're doing the challenge!!! Isn't this exciting???? Make sure you copy the badge over to your sidebar!! :)

cmoursler said...

oh, have fun on holiday! My husband snores for colorado. lol.
Hope you get some rest. Happy Easter.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Your future trips sound amazing! Whereabouts in New England and NY are you going to?

Hope you have a lovely Easter!♥

spunkysuzi said...

You are going to have some fun traveling coming up :) Can't wait to hear all about it!

accidental carer said...

Good luck today with the holiday- are you both going out with the same ideas in mind? I remember my days in Mona Travel when a couple would come in for one thing and go out with something completely different!!
Always best to get a print out - go and have a coffee and THEN go back and book it. Cancellation fees are high so take your time - love you have a good day xxxx