Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Back on a Different Track

As I said yesterday, after having discussions with my other half yesterday over Fish & Chips.
I have revised my plan. I am not going to be consummed
by battling for an unrealistic weigh loss.
Ok I had wanted 60 by 60 but didn't get it.
Now my priorities have change, yes I want to lose the weight,
but more than that.  I want to feel healthier and fitter,
I know healthier and fitter go hand in hand with weight loss.
It might seem like I am ducking out, I am not.
I am changing my plan of attack.

While we were walking around Southport yesterday,
I was struck by the amount of elderlywomen out shopping.
More than half of them overweight and needing to use a walking stick.
I went into a shoe shop and I looked up from the pair of shoes
I was admiring and looked that moment there were
25 people in the shop, 5 were men, 4 were sales staff
the rest were white haired women of a certain age.!!
With the exception of 2 teenager's who were with a
lady a assume was their grandmother.

It was this that made me aware of the increasing
number of elderly people in the world now.
I have known since childhood that Southport
is a popular place to retire, but it hit all of a sudden yesterday...

I AM a pensioner....I could be one of those retired ladies. 
It scared the living daylight's out of me!!!

So, pardon me for wondering's my age you know...
I need to re-focus, I need to get stronger and fitter.
I need to colour my hair!!!

So My New Plan

1. Keep moving.
    Get back into my walking, Wii Fit and the Gym

2. Eat healthily.
    The word DIET is banned.
    We are eating healthier foods from  today.

3. I will weigh in weekly until   Tammy's Challenge is over.              
   Then I will weigh in on the first Saturday of the  month along with my man.
   There will be NO moaning or whinging about loss or gain.

4.Colour my hair, vanity it is yes, but I am not ready to look like a pensioner yet.

I have change my ticker tape and put on a goal of 20 pounds. 
I am not giving myselfa time scale in which to lose the 20
and when I get there if I feel I need to lose more
I will re evaluate the situation.

I realise with this change of direction I may lose some followers
and if that is so Que sera, sera.
I have to do this for me, 
I am tired of chasing pounds and ounces,
checking calories and fat content.
For me the most important thing now is to
enjoy my food,
enjoy my life,
enjoy keeping mobile
and exercising my brain,
my mind and my body and soul equally.

Life for me right now is FabulouS.

I have my darling husband and we are happier than I ever dreamed I could be.
I have my wonderful children and amazing grandchildren.
I have my fantastic BezzyMate Trish and many other friends that I can now enjoy.
This was not always possible in my previous life (Before Ralph)
I have my health, Diabetes is well under control.
I have my little nutter of of a dog Titch.
I have our little Shoebox.
I have my new crafting shed.
I have my job, part time becomes on Monday.
I have my Blogland friends, who are an amazing inspiration for everyday life.
I have my renewed faith in the Good Lord and I thank Him every day for the blessings listed above.

This new chapter in my life is going to be about the JOY of living an authentic and honest life.


spunkysuzi said...

I think you have a wonderful plan :)

spunkysuzi said...

I also meant to say that indeed your life is fabulous :)

VRaz60 said...

Fabulous, indeed!! At our age (I think I'm a year older) our health is the most important thing. Whatever path you decide to take is the path that is right for you. I seriously doubt you'll lose any followers doing what, in your heart, is the right thing. Fear not, you'll still be a star in the Blogosphere!!! Happy Days ahead.

Anonymous said...

I think your plan is FABULOUS! There is nothing wrong with re-evaluating, and finding out what will work best for you! I love that your post focused on all the wonderful things in your life. I think we all need to sit down and do that...remind ourselves why we are on this journey, and why it's so important to be healthy and live a good life!

Great post...

266 said...

What a great post, Sheilagh! This will be a great new adventure!!!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I wish you luck on your new goal!!

Anonymous said...

I came to the same decision you have just arrived at a bit ago. (I'd have to review my blog to tell you exactly when.)

People thought I was copping out, was just discouraged about not losing--but that wasn't it. I DO know that I need to lose weight to meet my goals of health and fitness. And I am working to get those numbers moving down.

It's just that I had this moment of clarity--which was, actually, the attitude I started with, but got off track--that obsession with the numbers on the scale was NOT the way I wanted to live my life.

I wanted to learn to enjoy and LIVE my life as it was, while making wise choices in the process so that I would make it better physically. Umm, well, I don't have to explain that choice, do I. :D

I'm still lamenting a binge, still wanting to see the scale numbers drop--but am aware of the bigger, more important picture.

I wish you the best! And, I'll be following.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sheilagh, I thought you might find this post interesting. Deb

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. I think you have a very positive balanced approach. To take the focus off a number on the scale and put it onto healthy happy living is a great thing indeed.

Sounds like this really is the best time of your life. Just enjoy!

Bearfriend xx

cmoursler said...

hey, I will be reading...these moments are like whispers from god to kick us in the rear and get us moving in th eright direction. I'll be always.

Anonymous said...


Tammy said...

Lose followers??? NEVER!!! You're never getting rid of me sis! lol

I love your plan. I love the sound of your new direction, and I'm glad that you're fully aware of all the blessings in your life. :)