Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekend Joy Givers

My beautiful Jessica who has just turned 11 and now wishes to be called Jess.
Devoted Sisters Jess and Em.
Just Gorgeous.
Crazy Child, so glad she is so crazy and funny.
This time last year she was on dialysis.

God is Good.
We are So Blessed.


spunkysuzi said...

They are gorgeous!!

Buttercup said...

Somewhere about that age my goddaughter Jessica became Jess. Of course she's 31 now (How can that be?) and still Jess. Pictures are great. Take good care and lots of hugs!

Donna said...

You are indeed most richly blessed!

accidental carer said...

Beautiful girls who have a beautiful Grandma xx

Marie said...

Beautiful granddaughters Sheilagh! I can see a very strong likeness of you in them, especially in Jess!! You are so lucky to get to spend time with them! xxoo