Thursday, 3 March 2011


I visited a friend last week and she had a bunch of Tulips on her dining table. She started to apologise as they had "gone over".

I strongly disagreed with her. I think they are beautiful when they are fully open.
They are very pretty when closed but when the are fully open they are stunning.
I had the pleasure of visiting the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands several years ago and so enjoyed the rainbow of tulips they have there, fields and fields if colour. I must take my dear husband there sometime soon.
Do what makes you happy today.


Anne H said...

Tulips - my fave!

Marie said...

Sheilagh, I have always wanted to visit the Tulip fields in Holland, ever since I was a little girl and saw pictures of them in our family encyclopedia. Now I live so close, but still haven't gone. I need to kick my arse and get moving! I loved the tulips you brought me. We enjoyed them for quite a while! xxoo