Thursday, 10 March 2011


When ever I see a rainbow, I always know my mother is around me.  When ever I am worried about something or in a stressful situation, quite often a rainbow will appear.  As two did the day I heard she had passed away.  I  was 350 miles from home when the phone call came.  Her death came as a complete shock, totally unexpected. I went down to the waters edge on a clear bright May afternoon.
There was a sudden sun shower and then the two most glorious rainbows appeared over the island of Bute.  I knew straight away it was a sign from my mother that she was at peace. Since then when I have needed reassurance, a rainbow will appear, not every time, but quite often. 

Today was one of those days. After weeks of worry and being downright scared, Ralph had an appointment at the hospital for the results of an MRI scan on his head.  His headaches have been getting worse and his vision playing up too. We have both been coping with the worry in our own ways, but nor talking about it to each other.  Today driving to the hospital and in the waiting room, he was very quiet.
After three hours seeing nurses and consultants we found that the problem is.........
He has got a SQUINT.

His left eye is slightly lower than his right eye, so the eye and the muscles on the left side of his head have been working hard to keep in balance with his right eye. Therefore causing the pain and the double vision and kaleidoscopic effects he has been getting.  He has to have an operation sometime in the next ten weeks and hopefully the headaches etc will cease.

So my mother sent a sign that all is well and not to worry with a beautiful rainbow.

This is why I have been a little subdued lately.
But now I am polishing my rainbow and dancing.


accidental carer said...

That is such a relief for you both. Glad it was good news. I know you don't really want an op Ralph but it could have been worse. Love to you both xxxxx

Jackie said...

I can only imagine the relief both you and Ralph must be feeling right now. Moms - God bless them. You have your own angel and she's obviously still sending you love and comfort in beautiful rainbow messages. It wouldn't be possible, though, if you weren't aware enough and living in the moment to receive them. It's a happy day today and I'm happy for you. Celebrate life and rainbows.

Sybil said...

Oh sheilagh, I am so happy to read that news. I had a feeling something was worrying you...what a relief you both must have felt. Glad they can operate and get things fixed sooner rather than later then you can both look forward to a wonderful summer ahead.
Love Sybil xx

Sherry Goodloe said...

what great news that is for Ralph (and you!). Keep us posted on what I know will be a great outcome. Keep looking up for those rainbows sweetie :)

Buttercup said...

Glad to hear this and know that you both must be so relieved. Will keep Ralph -- and you, dear friend -- in my thoughts and my prayers. I feel the same way when I find a dime on the sidewalk. It's a "hello" from my father, now gone 30 years.

Marie said...

Sheilagh, so happy to hear this news! Glad all is well with Ralph and that it is only a squint. Happy also to read that your dear mum is so close by your side. I somehow missed this post. I don't know how that happened. I check every day! I know how relieved you must be. (((hugs)))

Rettakat said...

I'm getting caught up blog reading, and am so happy for you and Ralph that it wasn't something worse, and it is fixable. What wonderful news.
Your story of the rainbow was touching... what a blessing.