Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan Eathquake and Tsunami

The power of nature is awesome and makes us realise how weak and small we humans are. After watching the news reports from Japan I am astounded at the power of water. I am full of admiration for the Japanese people. The strength of character and dignity they are displaying is amazing. 
God Bless and help them in the days to come.


Christine said... is horrific.

Marie said...

It's amazing to me Sheilagh how quickly the signs of the times are falling into place and yet still people fiddle while Rome burns. My heart goes out to the Japanese as do my prayers. A member of our church congregation was just landing in Japan as the Earthquake hit. His family have not heard from him yet. We are all praying he is ok. Nature is amazingly beautiful and yet cruel at the same time. I send much love and hugs to you today. Hope you have a lovely weekend planned! xxoo