Monday, 7 March 2011

Good Times

We had a lovely afternoon in Liverpool today. I needed to visit a special bookshop there, so we went after I finished work. It was a cold but bright day. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the city, visiting a few of our favourite shops and cafe's, taking photo's along the way.

As the sun was setting we were beside the river yet again I felt the emotional pull of this fabulous city of my birth.The new Liverpool Wheel looks stunning as it glows int the darkness.My favourite picture of the day, my darling looking out across the Mersey.  Two of my loves together.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

What a Great day you had! Lovely photo's. The one of your darling, perfect!
Thank you for sharing!
Have a pretty day!

accidental carer said...

These are awesome. Love Ralph pic and yes I know that emotion. You can take the girl out of Liverpool but you can't take Liverpool out of the girl.
Makes me want to visit. Think Julie Kyle and I are going to see Barb and Ted in April. Lovely........xxxxx

Marie said...

We haven't been to Liverpool since two of my Lads were over here, must be 8 years ago now. We must rectify that! It's time to go again. I know they have made a lot of changes. Love the picture of Ralph! Days out with sweetie pies are the best kinds of days! xxoo
PS - Did Dawn get ahold of you?

Jackie said...

Lovely pictures. I so want to visit the UK. I remember the song: "Ferry Cross the Mersey" and loved that song back in the day. Now I have your beautiful picture in mind of the Mersey. My grandparents were from Ireland and Wales. I'm sure I'd love England. I'm a new follower and happy to have discovered your blog.


Jackie said...

Oh, one more thing I just noticed on your blog. You do stamping. I JUST started this fun craft and love it, though I'm not so very good at it. I'll be back here and check out your other blogs as well. Fun, fun.