Thursday, 13 January 2011

Special Friends Special Gifts

We were out having fun with Jaz on Saturday when the postman tried to deliver a package.
He left a card to say it wouldn't fit through the letterbox. So after work on Monday,I trotted off to the sorting office to pick up the package.  What a delightful surprise, a box of goodies from Maine, I was tickled pink.

They were addressed to Ralph and myself, so I couldn't open them until he came home.
It drove me crazy but I had to be good.
As soon as he got home we opened them and were were delighted with the memories of a wonderful holiday, they came rushing back, by the dozen.

Maine Maple syrup..mmmmmmmmmmmm
Wild Maine Blueberry Jam mmmmmmmmmmmmm
A Lobster Lolly mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
A Lovely little pillow/sachet of Balsam Fir Incense.

Ralph wanted to have the maple syrup straight away on waffles.
I wouldn't let him until I sent thanks to the lovelyy sender.

Thank you Kathleen and Lyle, we are both  touched by your kindness.
You have had us looking through the holiday photo's again.
Reliving great memories of fabulous place's and wonderful people.
I still haven't let Ralph have any maple syrup, I am
I have decide as a treat we are going to have an American breakfast on Sunday
and will toast distant friends and fabulous times.


accidental carer said...

How lovely - if I come early next weekend can I have some too?? xx
Hope your yukky goes soon xxxx

Anne H said...

How fun - a box of goodies!
Foodie goodies!

Marie said...

Sheilagh, there is nothing nicer than a surprise package, but when it comes packed with such lovely memories and so much love from a friend, well that's just the best thing ever!! Am looking forward to meeting up with you, hopefully soon! xxoo

Kathleen said...

Well Sheilagh, your beautiful post reduced Lyle and I to tears. I am just happy the package actually got there (finally)and that nothing was broken. I hope you enjoy your "American" breakfast. Much love and big hugs