Monday, 17 January 2011

Cuddly or Fat?

Fat Bear or Fat She?
This is how I see me at the moment.

I am looking for inspiration....


Tina xx said...

Hi your teddy :O) ... we all go through phases of needing inspiration....just look back and read your blog when you were really on a mission...whenever I feel the need for major inspiration, I come back on here. I find it really helps to look back over your journey and that of other people. I'm sure you will find the inspiration you are looking for. Hope your keeping well x

Buttercup said...

I'm back with support. Now we're cuddly, but we're going to be trim! We are already beautiful! Take good care, my sweet friend. I am sending lots of hugs to you. We can do this!

Christine said...'ll always be cuddly, you've got a cuddly personality. hows about sleek and chic shelaigh.
sounds good.

Anne H said...

The classic conundrum.
Well, She, whatever you decide to do,
and however you decide to do it,
when it's done with loving care,
you can't hardly go wrong!
Love ya!

Gez said...

definately cuddly! I read a line last night that I like & will keep in mind.. I am right where I should be even if it doesn't feel like it!
Good luck & thank you for your kind wishes. Gez.xx