Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011


A brand new book, a fresh new page, how long will it take to blot it, need to rub out words, cover pictures?  Well I have changed my thinking and from now on, I don't mind about making mistakes.  I don't mind if I blob ink on the page. Nothing is perfect and not realising until now has prevented me for many years from starting projects in case I fail.

This year I am going to be flying without wings and will enjoy the blots and blobs, because they are my blots and blobs. I have set myself some goals, and I am going to score good style each month.

My word for 2011 is CREATIVITY
My Motto for 2011 is Simple + Action = Satisfaction

In the Shoebox, we plan to spend 2011 getting our little house decorated and refurnished. A major decluttering is needed, this will be started on Monday.

We are also looking at what we eat, what we waste, we want to simplify our eating habit's. Getting back to simple fresh locally grown food. No more buying food because it is there and we fancy it, then throwing it out. No more wasteful ways for us.

I have a crafting shed "My Scrappy Shack" I have spent hundred's of pounds on buying and furnishing it. An further large amounts of money stocking it (I hate to think how much) I have got to start using it.  Therefore I have set myself a project, to produce a piece of "Art" everyday for a year.  Whether it be an ATC or a tag, a card or scrapbook spread.  For January I am planning on a series of  ATC's with an Alphabet theme, my first one is done.  I may pluck up the courage to post photo's on here, I may not, but I am going to enjoy getting back into playing.

I am not going to do the usual New Year thing and say I am starting a diet and exercise regime.  We are making healthy choices and getting out walking again, but I am not setting myself up for failure.  This year is going to be about simple actions and gaining satisfaction in different aspects of life.  I have a good feeling about this year.  Here's hoping the feeling is right.


accidental carer said...

Sounds like a good achievable plan to me.
Nothing will be a failure this year it will all be part of that plan.
Think about what you are doing rather than what you are not. Think about what you have rather than what you don't.
I have a good feeling too because we have "our" plan in place already.
2011 here we come . Love you both very much xxxx

Anne H said...

Awesome plan.... and Happy Scrappy Shack New Year!

Anonymous said...

:D Love this. I wish you exceedingly well! Deb

dawne said...

I love this post She. It's so reasonable and seems doable. Your craft shed - I know it's missing a just what you need for YOU!

Thank you for your kind support over the year, sweet lady. I enjoy your heart for the Lord and your kindness. I too am sorely disappointed I couldn't make NYC work...but we will meet one day. My UK relatives are visiting as I type! It's my turn to visit them next!

Happy New Year and many blessings for 2011.