Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday Monday Again.............

Monday comes around so very quickly doesn't it?
There are only FIFTY left this year....

I have been trying to avoid the weight word.  I don't want to diet anymore, I don't want to be ruled by the scales, the numbers, the tape measure. What options do I have if I want to get healthy? Is there a method of losing weight without counting calories? points? fats? carbs?

I need to lose weight for my health sake.
My Diabetes is under control, so under control my doctor thinks I am
My Arthritis is the problem at the moment, it only used to bother me in the summer, but now it bothers me no matter what time of the year. My left hip complains after walking, my knees, wrists and thumbs are sore most of the time. Climbing stairs is not fun, kneeling is impossible.

So here I am 51 pounds overweight. My weight has crept on again since my birthday, I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit me. I am tired all the time, get breathless when walking, I feel and look OLD.

Who needs to get a grip?
Who needs to get her head on?

I have lost 3 pounds since New Years Day, just cutting back on goodies.
All the Christmas stuff has gone, thankfully.
We are living out of the freezer this month.
Getting into living a simpler life.
We are eating off of  smaller plates.
Making do with what we have, in the freezer and  the cupboard.
Just buying fresh milk, veg and fruit.

I do not want to be blogging just about my weight, I am far more than my weight. But I have to recognise my weight is taking over again.  It has to stop NOW! There is so much inspiration out there in Blogland and I am tapping into it. I will blog once a month about my weight, no more no less. I will be using Dawne's motto, Eating Less, Moving More.

Thank you for your comments about Conor.   Yes it is crazy as mentioned a couple of times, that here you can enlist to serve your Queen and country, before you can legally drink alcohol. The legal age for drinking in the UK is 18, you can enlist at 16.


Anonymous said...

Weight loss is a hard battle, but you've already lost 3 pounds just by cutting out sweets. Wahoo! What a victory. And, perhaps, a guide.

Perhaps if you limited sweets and "junk" and replaced it with wholesome protein, fruit, veggies and dairy, that would do it.

Some people like to count in order to be sure where they arer--kind of a safe boundary for them. I am one of those. I get very nervous if I just eat what is healthy. You may not need that guard. Look how well you've done this year so far!

Ask God for wisdom--He will provide.


Anne H said...

At the end of the day..... yes..... it's eat less move more.
For me, it went like rocket fuel to stop the carbs.
Junk - out! Obviously. That's a given.
Cake, cookies, candy, crap. OUT!
Then for some people, the sext thing to go are
things that turn into sugar once you digest them.
For some people, that means carbs.
Even the so-called "Good ones."
Not all carbs. Not NO carbs.
Just not the obvious offenders.
I miss bread sometimes, yes.
But I sure as heck don't miss being over 200 pounds like I was!

I know you will find what works best for you!

Anne H said...

And I meant to say next - not sext.
Although that works for some people, as well!
Maybe even better!

Buttercup said...

Aw weight...My hope for this year is to eat healthy and maybe, just maybe come to a place where food is less important than feeling healthy. It will be the first time in decades, but it's my goal. I will be glad to support you, and I know I can depend on you for support. We're in this together!

So pleased to read about Conor. I hope and pray that everything continues to work out for him. He really behaved well in a very difficult situation.

Hugs to you!

accidental carer said...

Well looking at numbers does not help. I am actually 52 pounds overweight!!! And I am 5ft 2in so I am officially a HOBBIT.

I am going to take Anne H's advice and basically if I know it will put weight on I will NOT put it in my mouth. I have got rid of all the chocolates (with little help from anyone else!!).
I have soups and tomatoes in the cupboard and vegetables and quorn in the freezer.
So I am sorted and as long as Phil does not notice the lack of puddings I will be fine.
I had started eating bread again which I love but it loves me so much it tends to hang around on my hips. So that is out.

You will be fine darlin if you take it gently. Just eat more slowly and consider what effect each mouthful will have.

We can both do it....................Love you xx

Sybil said...

Good for you loosing even a few pounds...BRILIANT i woudl call it.. LOL...
I always say it i sno use going on a diet as a diet by it's very name is a temp. thing and so I suppose eating less is the only answer...No good me preaching as I don't do it myeslef...I always have a good excuse I find it very difficult to do any exercise... and I am positive if I could I would loose weight, One day !!!!
Keep going...
I am so pleased that things have worked out ok for Conor,
Love Sybil

Marie said...

I hear you Sheilagh! I need the same, eat less, move more. I'm afraid all that weight I had lost two years ago has crept back on. It is depressing but true. I just can't seem get motivated! xxoo