Saturday, 12 January 2013

My DaughterClair and Her Soldier Son Conor.

This photo was taken two weeks ago when her boy came home for two weeks R&R.
He flew back to Afghanistan in the early hours of this morning.
He will be home safe in 97 days, not that we are counting:)

Thank you for you kind good wishes for Conor, it means such a lot to me, to know you are out there and I can pour my heart out here.  I have to be strong when with my family, especially Clair, holding her spirit up.  There is no one close apart from my Ralph of course, that I can collapse into their arms and let my fears go.  So this is my safe place where I can let it go, pour my words out, words of fear, sadness, hope and joy and every other emotion under the sun.  So thank you for letting me ramble, rant, moan and groan.

Now that Conor's R&R has finished, maybe there will be some semblance of normality in our every day life now. There is such a lot happening this year and we have got to start getting organised and sorted.  I will be laying the foundations until the end of January (lots of hospital appointments in the next two weeks) then hopefully it will be onward and upward for my family and I.

Have a Great Weeked All xxx


Donna said...

Prayers continue for both your lovely grandson and your own good health! :)

Carol Z said...

I echo Donna. Will pray every day for Conor and his colleagues. So grateful for their sacrifice for all of us.

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