Thursday, 2 December 2010

So Cold

It is bitterly cold here, I just cannot get my feet warmed up.We have not had much snow here in Runcorn, but boy is it cold! I think a big bowl of soup and crusty bread are the order of the day. Then I must venture out into my Scrappy Shack and get started on some Christmas cards.  I am running very  lLate this year.  I really just want to just snuggle on the sofa with Titch and watch mind numbing daytime tv, what shall I do?.....


spunkysuzi said...

As i was reading this i was already thinking about my freezing tootsies it's freezing here as well. A relaxing day sounds so good to me right now!
I'm working till Sunday, Monday i'm meeting with my walking group plus i have to make 23 bags of cranberries into cranberry sauce for a Christmas party that i'm volunteering to help with for people with mental health issues that's on Tuesday.
Then i think i'll spend the next day with a glass of wine and a movie :)
Enjoy your day and have fun with the Christmas cards.

accidental carer said...

Well you know what I would may just get a bought card ha ha ..........see you Sunday 11am at Celtica love yous both xx

Anne H said...

Soup's on!