Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I have not been sleeping well lately and I am am up all hours of the night and my thoughts get to go all over the place. Last night I was thinking  and feeling "Why Me?" 
Why does Ralph sleep like a baby from the moment he says goodnight?
Why do I get all sleepy whilst reading, but as soon as I put the book away..PING..I am wide awake.

Then I read a post on Facebook and it really made me sit up and consider "Why Not Me?"  Okay we as a family have had a couple of rough years, but we are all still here.  There are people who are struggling and holding on to loved ones knowing they will not be with them for much longer. But these people are so positive and loving and caring of other folk.

If you are on Facebook, look at "Claudia's Cause"

I learnt a lesson there and then and will from now on try to be positive and giving. Small baby steps to begin with...

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
- Dr Wayne Dyer


Donna said...

About the sleep .. I know what you are talking about .. thus the name of my blog. My husband, Rob, also sleeps through the night.

Someday .. I will have learned to practice gratitude .. it is still coming .. baby step by baby step. :) Whenever I feel "Why Me?" .. I think back to the women I worked with when we lived in India, Pakistan, Cambodia and Uganda. We worked with the poor. Then I think "Why me, Lord? Why have you chosen to bless me so greatly?"

Be blessed!

Beginning Anew said...

Well said! Attitude really is everything. My husband falls asleep as he is climbing into to bed. I'm like you tossing and turning all night or up and down. I think women just have more active brains, sssshhhhh don't tell the guys.

Darcy said...

Please get in touch, you won a prize.