Thursday, 1 August 2013


Just a quick update from where I left thing hanging a few months ago.

Ralph's throat/breathing problems turned out out to be a gastric problem He is now on medication for it.  We were very puzzled as to how gasping for breath and choking on your words were to do with stomach, but the meds work so we are very happy.

Ralph has had a further eye operation which was very successful, his consultant has not ruled out further surgery, we we find out in October, we believe the power of prayer has played a big part in the management and recovery of this eye problem and we thank everyone who has kept us in their prayers.

Conor is home from Afghanistan and having a tough time coping with the after effects of six months in a war zone. Suffice to say, I am very glad he is on home ground, but I don't think he is in a safe place as yet.

My son in law Mike has been discharged from hospital care with a clean bill of health after is brain hemorrhage last year and we celebrated his 41st birthday two weeks ago.

Both Clair and I have been this week for our skin cancer checks, I go back in six months and Clair, three months.  So all is good there.

So again the power of prayer and the support of family and friends have carried my family through and I am now hoping for a positively positive future for all of us.

Tomorrow I will write about my future plans...


Carol Z said...

Keeping all of you in my prayers.Went for my skin check this week, too. So far, so good. Looking forward to your future plans!

Donna said...

Still praying for you and yours. Doctors thought I might have the same as Ralph .. only I don't .. breathing is my issue. May have to learn a new way of life .. trying to avoid chemicals that are prevalent in perfumes, cleaners, etc. Working from home for 8 weeks while the doctors see if there is anything to be done other than wearing a mask in order to keep breathing when out and about.