Monday, 5 August 2013

Future Plans

Future plans, thats what I said I would write about wasn't it? Well where do I begin.  I was due to retire at the end of this month, but I chicken'd out. Several reasons but mainly because if left in my own company too long I go into that deep dark place called depression and I don't want to go there again. I will think about retirement again the year before Ralph is due to do so 2016 for him, so I have two years as long as I have my health and strength and sanity (working for the NHS does things to your sanity).

My eldest daughter is moving back to Runcorn by the end of August. She has been a RAF wife for 22 years. Her husband comes out next February but they want to get settled before the academic year begins in September.  So it will be great to have all four of my children and their families all living within a seven mile radius.

Ralph and I have strated a two year plan for refurbishing and redecorating "The Shoebox" and some of the decorating will begin next week.  The living room is the first to be stripped, papered and painted.  I will have to take some before and after photo's to record Ralph's progress...I just make the coffee.

Six weeks and four days from now I will be flying out to New York, New York with my bestest friend in the whole wide world Trish. We have been wanting to do this trip for a long time and now it is nearly here.  I ordered a new suitcase especially for the trip last week and it arrived today.  It is so light I can pick it up with  my little finger. It is in my favourite colour too, PURPLE, it makes me smile to look at it.

We are looking forward to meeting up with the lovely Buttercup, Trish can't wait to meet her.  I had the pleasure three years ago, and I am really looking forward to some more "Buttercup Time".

Thats all for now folks ;)


Donna said...

Dear Sheilagh,
Wow .. you are doing things and going places! It is fantastic that you are going to New York! Not only that .. having all of your children close at hand is a special blessing.
Yes .. my breathing issues are allergy caused but no solutions have been found to date so enforced retirement may be happening in the near future. Thanx for your prayers.


Carol Z said...

The lovely Buttercup is so excited to see you and meet Trish. I put off retiring for a year to really make sure that I was ready. It's a hard balance for me of activity and relaxation. Take good care, sweet friend!