Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hello September

 My favourite month of the year September, you have come around so quickly.  You will disappear just as fast too I guess. So I best make the most of you. I love the rich, mellow, bountiful feel of September leading into October.  The atmospheric light, colour and smell of September is just wonderful to me.

  My childhood memories of a new school year, new books to read, new words to learn, fresh pages to write. All mingled together is September, a month that always made me happy.It is a new beginning of learning, experience and enrichment.  I hope to enfold myself in a blanket of September's riches to get me through some tough times that are coming soon.

My grandson Conor leaves for Afghanistan on September 16th. Do I need say anymore.


Savannah said...

I totally relate to your love of September.

Anonymous said...

Hey. :D When I clicked on the two "followers" icons you had on my old URL, neither led me to a blog. :o Fortunately, I hopped over to, uh-hmm, Savannah's blog and was able to click on your name there to get here. :D

Clicking on my name will get you to my blog, too, if you have trouble. If you do have trouble, you may be better off following me afresh from my own "followers" gadget as I have you.

We'll get it!