Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blog Fatigue

Blog Fatigue has hit me good style, I am enjoying blog hopping, but as for writing I am all blogged out. I have noticed I have lost a couple of followers and that tells me I am a boring blogger too. So until I get my mojo back I am going to relax and just enjoy blog hopping. Maybe in a week or two, Spring will give me something to blog about.

Big Hugs Beautiful Blog Friends.


spunkysuzi said...

You'll have your mojo back in no time. In the meantime just take care of yourself!!

Anonymous said...

you know, this is going around. I've felt that way for months and kind of pushed thru it. Kind of. When it first happened, I thought the business of the holidays, etc, was to blame and that when the dead of winter set in, it would be different. Not so.

Then I decided it was because I was censoring myself too much. And that may be closer, but I'm still a bit off.

The thing is that in just this past week, you're about the fourth--at least--person who has exprressed this. I wonder what's up with us?

We all started at about the same time, I think. and were mostly blogging about weight loss. I wonder if we're just tired of our weight loss struggle and, hence, the blogging has lost its charm.

I know that I've gotten to feel that it's not okay to write about my struggles and the frustration I feel. So many comments telling me, in one way or another, to just "be positive." Soemtimes I need to just be honest. Well that's a different rant, perhaps.

I dunno. But it is going around.


Sybil said...

Oh Sheilagh, Please don;t stop blogging. I know we all get "mental Blocks" I as much if not more than most. whe I think to myself I seem to lead such an ordinary "sameness" kind of life that it is just not I wait till I think of something that might interest others..that occasionally seems to take weeks..then I get acl for a while again. I certainly woudl miss you. So please keep popping in. It is a body blow that we have all had when some of our friends go and we mourn there passing..
God Bless,
Love Sybil x

Rettakat said...

Yes, I think we all go through that... I did. Still kinda am, in fact. Up and down. :-) Ha ha ha, can't even make up my mind about it in one sentence.

Someone once told me to "give out of your overflow." It sounds like you might enjoy just relaxing and blog hopping, til you get your cup filled up to overflow levels.

And that's okay!!! In fact, kudos for getting in touch with your own needs, and then doing something about it. :-)

Tammy said...

I've noticed several people are feeling that way...myself included. It shouldn't have to be a chore. I think a little break is all we need...I anticipate better thought and feelings with the arrival of spring. Love you sis! :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Blof fatigue... that is such a great way to put it! You have not lost me as a follower! ( :
You will get your inspiration back... sometimes we need to recharge our batteries don't we!
Have a pretty day!

accidental carer said...

Boring YOU? NEVER!!!

But just do what you think is right darlin.

As all the comments above I think it may be the winter the weather the dark nights tiredness but just go with it and when you feel comfortable come back.
The followers you have lost will just be feeling the same I bet and it will have absolutely nothing to do with your blog. Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxx

VRaz60 said...

Right there with you! I am bored AND. boring! Come back soon.

Marie said...

I think we all have those feelings once in a while. Just know that we, your loyal fans, will be here whenever you write. I happen to adore you, beautiful you! xxoo

Anne H said...

Don't worry about losing followers....
Our group is a shy one... and very far
from perfect. Just take care of yourself
and enjoy your little break!
I happen to adore you, too!